Choosing a License Copyright For My Blog

I have never had a blog, therefore I have never had to choose a copyright for a blog, so coming into this I didn’t know much. After reading through the options for copyrights, I found that seemed to be the best option. One of the main reasons I chose this was because it is easy to use and it’s free. What’s better than that? It gives you step by step instructions, and for a first-timer, there isn’t anything easier than that.

Also, as a first time blogger choosing a copyright, I didn’t really care much about it. Who cares if someone uses a picture you posted on your blog without your permission? It’s just a picture, right? I thought that too, and after thinking more about it, I realized that if they are using an incredible picture that you posted and someday makes a million dollars off of it, I would want credit for that picture!

Overall, these are the main reasons I chose this copyright. There are many great copyright options out there, but I feel that this one is the best one for me.

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