“… and by islands i mean paragraphs” Reflection

This adventure really got me thinking about something that means so much to me. Not only this article, but the picture I was shown in class on Wednesday. Dr. Robinson showed us the following photo:

Image result for island hands

She told us to relate this to the article we had just read, and explain it in our own words.

This picture made me think of something being held up, or together, by a single thing. For example, my mother. She has been a single mother for the last 9 years now, and my goodness has she done an amazing job. I thought of her when I saw thing photo because she is the hands that us holding me together. These hands are made from rocks, and she is the rock in my life. She keeps me grounded, strong, and held together. Without these hands, this island would fall apart. It would be sunken in the water; gone. Without my mother, by life would fall apart. These hands are strong. They are holding up an entire island, and that isn’t easy work. My mother is so strong because she holds not only my life together, but my siblings lives together as well. She is the glue, the rock, the hands holding my life together. This photo also shows a person walking across the island in the center of the hands (I think). To me, this really shows trust. The person walking across trusts that no matter what, the hands will not let him/her down. He/she will always be supported by these hands. I feel this same way about my mother. I feel like a lot of times I am just disappointing her, but not matter what, she is the hands holding me up. She is the person I trust with my entire life. Granted, we never had to greatest relationship, but I regret that. My mother will always support me, love me, and hold me up. I will always trust her, love her, and hold her up in return.

This adventure really made me wonder what the real reason behind it was, and I’m still not 100% sure what the reason behind it was. Each paragraph is a different situation or a different description of the island itself. One island talked about the physical features on the island, including bits of lava. The author also told us that the days were humid and it was very windy. Another island had text that was constantly changing dates and times. This made me wonder if maybe he couldn’t decide what to write, or there was too much to write about. I think that the overall purpose of this adventure was to make the reader really think hard about that the idea of all of this madness was. Why was there no real way to real this? Why is this dang paragraph constantly changing on me? Why doesn’t any of this make sense to me? I really thought long and hard about this adventure, but it began to really test my patience at times!


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