Annoying Ways People Use Sources: Notes


The title of the article was a dead giveaway. It told us exactly what we were going to be learning about.

All throughout this article, the author gave several examples about how people use sources in annoying ways. The author also explained something that really stood out to me.

The author used the analogy of an annoying driver. When you are driving, you know that the general rule is that the slower traffic stays to the right, but there is always that one car that just stays in the left lane no matter how slow they are going. We get irritated because, “everyone knows that the slower vehicles stay in the left lane for crying out loud!!” Chances are, they do know this. The author came to two conclusions about people like this:

  1. You don’t know the generally accepted practices of driving in the certain state, Or
  2. You know the guidelines but don’t care.

This is also true for using sources. Many people, when writing essays, are just trying to get it done and the last thing they are worried about is how they are siting sources. Who cares as long as you include them, right? No. Wrong. People who pay attention to things like the way people site sources find this so annoying and it will probably ruin their entire day when they read your essay and see the way that you included these sources.

Main Idea & Key Terms

  • Rhetorical Nature: following a different conversation depending on the purpose and audience of the writing.
  • Kinship: blood relationship, a sharing of characters or origins.
  • Integrally: very important or necessary
  • Contextualize: place or study in context
  • Patch-writing: careless form of paraphrasing, essentially “patching” together direct quotes or different pieces of information that are too close to the source.

The main idea of this essay was to show us annoying ways that people use sources, hense the title. It is to show us and make us aware of things we may also be doing that we didn’t even know was annoying. It also show us way not to site or use sources in our essays we may be writing.


Throughout this article, the author gave many examples of annoying ways that people use sources. I know that none of us read this essay without saying to yourself, “I have done that before.”

One example that stood out to me was the armadillo roadkill example. The author showed how the quote that the writer used came out of no where. There was no introduction to the quote, it was not explained, it was just throw into the sentence. I am definitely guilty of this. I remember when I was in junior high, maybe 7th or 8th grade, and I was in a writing class. Many of our papers had certain guidelines that we needed to follow in order to get an A on the paper. One of the most common requirements was to include two or more quotes in your essay. So, in order to get an A, I would just throw in random quotes. The teacher never said I have to properly insert the quote, he/she simply said I needed to include them.

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