Annoying Ways People Use Sources: Reflection

Have you ever been reading an article, read something that was really interesting to you, and you wanted to learn more about it? Maybe you just wanted to know where the writer got it, or maybe you wanted to include it in something that you were working on, but you didn’t know where the writer got the information? So you go looking through the essay to try and find the source. But, where is it? This is called, “I Can’t Find the Stupid Link.”

I know I am guilty of this for sure, and I’m sure there are many others that are guilty of this as well. The author used a relationship between websites and links to better explain this. You are on a website and you find something you want to learn more about so you look for an “About Us” or “More Information” or “FAQ” link, but it is no where to be found. You’ve looked at the top of the page, the bottom, the right and the left side, but you cant find the stupid link! Similarly, a reader might be reading something and have a quick internal questions about it: Where can I learn more about this? Who researched this? Can I read this article myself? Just like when we are looking through a website, this reader is looking to find a quick answer to their question! The easiest way to solve this problem is to either look at the information in the citation, or skim the references or works cited section.

Sometimes it’s not as easy as it sounds, and I will say myself that many times I have just included things with no reference or source to back it up. It happens. There’s fixes, and now I know how I can fix my mistake! (:

This article taught me a lot about fixing my mistakes, and there are definitely other things that I am guilty of doing. One last thing that I am definitely guilty of “Am I in the Right Movie?”

You have a paper due at 12:00. It’s 11:30 and you’re just sitting down to start writing. You have an idea and you think it is going to go great. You get the first paragraph done and it goes just as expected. You begin the second paragraph and you find out, the words sounded better in your head. You think maybe throwing in a quote would help with the flow, but instead it just makes it sound like nails in a chalkboard. It’s like sitting in a movie theater. You’re there to see The Grinch, and all of the sudden High School Musical 3 comes on. This is not what you had planned.

This article gave examples on some of the most annoying ways people have used sources in their writing, but they also included ways that these annoyances can be fixed. Sometimes you’re writing and you don’t know how to incorporate a source so you just throw it in, other times you know how to incorporate the source but you just don’t care. Either way, this article will help you fix it.


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