Introduction to the Talk on Abortion

This is a touchy subject that I know everyone has different opinions on. I am not here to start a debate about this topic, nor am I here to bash anyones opinion. Everyone is entitled to believe that they see fit for themselves. I am only here to educate people who may not know much about this specific topic. I also want to point out that I am pro-choice. I believe it should be left up to the women in the situation, because after all, it is her body and she knows what is going to be best. I don’t believe that women should have an abortion just because they don’t want the child, but I do believe that if the mother sees abortion as the best option, maybe in the case of saving her own life, then it is okay.

Abortion has been a debated topic for as long as I can remember. There are the people who believe it is 100% not okay, the pro-lifers. There are other who believe that it should be left up to the women, and what she chooses to do is 100% okay, the pro-choicers. No matter where you side with the topic, someone is always going to tell you you’re wrong.

I came across a blog while doing some research on abortion called Abortion Rights Campaign.ย It is an alliance between Irish and Northern Irish pro-choice groups. They published an article on November 20, 2018 titled Let’s Talk About: Privacy and Abortion.ย (Click the link to read the whole article. It will also be tagged below.)

As many of you know, there has always been debates on whether or not we have access to medical abortions. The Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC) believes that, like any other medical procedure, abortion is a private matter between the person who is pregnant, their medical provider, and whomever they choose to tell. They also believe that abortion should be a free, safe, and legal procedure. Pregnant people deserve compassionate healthcare and support, no matter what their reason is for having an abortion.

This article talks about cases where women have been deliberately manipulated and their privacy was invaded. They also talked about cases where women have been made to jump over hurdles to be able to access abortion, but the main point of this article was to tell readers that women should be allowed access to private medical abortions without having their privacy invaded and without being told that they are not making the right choice. Most of the cases where women are being manipulated and their privacy is being invaded happened in Ireland, but keep in mind that this blog is from a group of Irish people who are pro-choice.

The group of Irish pro-choices stated that in order to ensure access to safe abortion involves taking a stand against anti-choice harassment and intimidation outside of the medical facilities. It is important to them that the pregnant women seeking abortion are not exposed for their decision.

This blog is from people who live in Ireland, but that doesn’t mean that these things are not happening here in the United States. There has been and probably always will be a battle about whether abortion should be legal or illegal. It is important that you stand up for what you believe in. Let your voice be heard people! You may think your opinion counts for nothing, but your opinion could be the difference between the battle.

(Please do not comment on this post with your opinion. I do care what you have to say, but I am not here to start a debate. Simply here to educate, and if you feel offended, it will not hurt my feelings if you choose not to continue reading.)


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