Personal Opinion on Abortion

In todays world, most people believe that if you are pro-choice, you are pro-abortion, but there is so much more to it. Being pro-choice simply means that supporters believe that women should have the right to choose conception, contraception, or abortion without the government inferring.Β I don’t think that abortion is necessarily a good thing and I believe that choosing this procedure should come after weighing out all other options of birth and adoption first, but it definitely needs to be considered more by pro-life believers. It is often necessary for both the mother’s health, as well as the better option for the child. Abortion is legal for many reasons and by making it illegal, we are putting so many women at risk.

I would like to share a story of a good friend from high school. For her privacy, I will not use her real name, and instead call her Sam. When Sam and I were at a summer camp out junior year, we were talking very deeply about several topics. One topic that came up was children. We were talking about the life we had always dreamed of since we were little girls. Sam shared a story with me that really just broke my heart in half. Before Sam and I were really good friends, she was with the man she thought she was going to marry. Sam and her boyfriend had always talked about marriage and children and what they would do if they had an unplanned pregnancy. Sam stated that she did not believe it would be right to being an unwanted child into the world, and it would be too hard for her to give a child she had been carrying for nine months to another family. Her boyfriend agreed. In the summer going into our junior year, Sam had missed her period. She had never missed her period before, so she was extremely nervous. She decided to take a pregnancy test, and sure enough, she was pregnant. She told her mom, dad, and boyfriend, and they all supported her decision of having an abortion, but they wanted her to reconsider adoption. Sam knew it wasn’t going to be easy for her, because she wanted the perfect family for her little one. It was proving to be more difficult than she and her family had thought. She know she could not support a child, nor could her parents help her support a child. She had her whole future of school planned out, and she didn’t think she would be able to follow through with it if she had a child. Her boyfriend was also away at college and he knew he couldn’t support a child either. They went ahead with the abortion. To this day, Sam believes she made the right decision for the sake of her and her future, as well as the better choice for her and the child.

Much like Sam, there are many women who go through this in their lives, although I am sure many of them have different experiences and reasons for having the procedure. For many women, it is not the fear of having a child, but rather the fear of being able to take care of it and give it support.

Do I think abortion is necessarily a good thing? No. But do I think it needs to remain legal because it is ultimately the mothers decision? Yes. This world needs to understand that it is the mothers choice to terminate the pregnancy and often times it is absolutely necessary. The lives and rights of the living citizens should come before those of an unborn child. The mother’s health, the cost, the disadvantages of adoption, and her personal situation all need to be taken into serious consideration when contemplating abortion. These factors often make it imperative, and nobody should take these rights away from women. Abortions are legal for very legit reasons, and it needs to stay this way.

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