Blog Tour #2

For my second blog tour, I am going to take you to another classmates page. Her name is Olivia, and she chose to write about different ways to cope with anxiety. As someone who struggles with this daily, it was nice to read her blog and be able to relate to some of the things she said. Click on the link below to view her whole blog page and read all of her posts about coping with stress!

Olivia’s Blog

Olivia created a new blog for her final project, so you won’t be able to see any of the work she did previously this semester, but trust me when I say that she is a great writer! She has made several posts about her experiences with anxiety, how she copes, and some hard days she has had. Anxiety is not an easy thing to share with people, so seeing her write about it was really inspiring.

I want to take you to the post Olivia made on November 17, 2018 titled What Having Anxiety Feels Like… It is a shorter post with a lot of meaning. She describes what it is like for her to deal with anxiety everyday. She explains that people think hurting means you need to be in a cast with a broken bone, you’re bleeding out, or walking with a limp. But sometimes the most painful demons are the ones on the inside that no one can see. Her anxiety feels like FIRE. She uses the quick response of “I’m fine” to cover up her emotions that are running wild inside her mind. This post is inspiring to me.

A post Olivia made on November 29, 2018 titled A hard day. talks about a day that she had been having. A hard day for her. She explains that things have been hard for her lately, and things that seem so normal for others cause her to have a severe reaction. She wonders what it would be like to live without anxiety, but it’s hard for her to even imagine because she has no idea. She describes how her days go, and how she feels like she focuses on one thing that causes anxiety, and as soon as that one thing is over, she is worrying about when and where her next anxiety attack will strike.

“Through this moment I had, it was horrible but I knew that the next day it would dissolve. Don’t focus on the next attack. Focus on the moment. Focus more on the days that are good. You will appreciate them more when you do that” 

Olivia, you are brave for sharing your experience with anxiety. It isn’t easy, but you put it into words better than anyone could have. Describing something like anxiety can be hard because sometimes, you cannot put the way you’re feelings into words. Thank you for sharing your experiences and for allowing us to read about them. It is inspiring to read, and will hopefully show others that it isn’t something we need to hide.

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