Why Blog? Notes


This article really focused on one main thing, what is important to know when it comes to blogging? A few things the author stated was,

  1. “Becoming good at anything worth becoming good at takes a lot of time.”
  2. “Blogging is an excellent opportunity for exploring and developing intrinsic motivations for writing.”
  3. “Blogging is an experiment, on exploration into what the genre could do for me and other rhetoricians.”

These 3 things, to me, meant that becoming a good blogger is going to take a lot of time, blogging isn’t always easy, but each new topic is a new adventure and you just need to run with it, and lastly, I don’t know what blogging will do for me, but it might even have a lasting impact and I’m willing to give it a shot. Blogging won’t always be easy. You need to be open-minded and as creative as possible, but it is a great way to possibly discover something new about yourself!


Many points that the author made in this article really got me thinking. One statement that really stood out to me was on page seven of the article. It stated, “It isn’t particularly useful to try to understand “how to write” in a general way. Instead, you need to learn how to identify the particular writing practices at work in the specific writing situations that you face as a writer.” To me, this means that instead of being so focused on how to properly write, you just need to take an idea and run with it. Everyone that is writing is writing about something different and are faced with different tasks while writing. An example being, people writing for a literature class are faced with different tasks than a person writing a paper for a biology class. The author stated 3 main questions to ask yourself when you begin writing:

  1. Who is your audience?
  2. What is my purpose?
  3. What is the genre in which I am writing?

Although this may not be useful for everyone, I feel that I will constantly be asking myself these 3 questions to help me while facing a difficult topic in writing.


On page twelve of the article, the author states, “Most importantly, as you develop a writing habit, you begin to think less about needing a reason to write.” I really agree with this statement because since the beginning of high school, writing has always been something I have avoided at all costs. Some topics are easier to write about than others, but when a tough topic came along, it was very intimidating for me. I always have a hard time getting started. I’ll write my first paragraph and then delete it and repeat this 3 or 4 times before I finally just decide to go with it. Once I start to get into the grove of things, writing becomes much easier. Ideas begin to roll and before you know it, the paper is finished. With blogging, there are so many opportunities forย exploring new things and developing writing techniques. I connected with this well because after just two short weeks of blogging, I have discovered that there are many, many topics to write about. Each one is unique, and I am looking forward to the new writing techniques that I many come up with.

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