The Mechanical Bride: Notes


The Mechanical Bride was a confusing article for me to read, but I think the overall main concept was that when people pick up an article and decide they are going to read it, they don’t actually read it. Instead, they are scanning the article. While they are scanning, they may come across something that interests them and just focus on that. Many times they just come across the interesting part and say, “Oh, I didn’t know about that.” They might share it with a person or two, but then they move on. They aren’t really thinking about what it really means. I think the reason this article may be so confusing is because the author of the article wants you to figure out and really think about what the article is ACTUALLY about! This article also focused on the difference between modern technology, and the technology they had 50 years ago. The cover of a newspaper has changed from a page filled with 15 different topics to read, to a page with about three or four main articles on it that are continued onto other pages of the newspaper. The newspapers today really crystalizes what the author wants you to focus on and the front page shows what the author thinks is most important to read.

Main Idea & Key Terms

I think that the main idea of the articleย The Mechanical Brideย is that people are not reading to take in the information. When they are reading an article, they are simply scanning. The author of this article wanted people to really focus on what the article really means.

Quantum: a particular amount or quantity.

Intolerable: unable to endure something; excessive.

Potentialities: a chance or possibility that something will happen or exist in the future.

Incorrigible: not able to be corrected, improved, or reformed.

Notoriously: used to emphasize that a quality or fact, typically a bad one, is well known.


One thing that this article really made me think about was the natural habits of a reader. When someone picks up an article that they intend to read, they expect the author to have structured the article. This means that introduction paragraph comes first, and it includes the main idea and the thesis statement clearly. The three supporting paragraphs come next, and these supporting paragraphs really give us a bigger picture of the main idea. Lastly, the closing paragraph and this wraps up the whole article and by the end, we understand. Readers expect to be “fed” the main idea of the article. When we aren’t “fed” the information we want, we get confused. We wonder what the heck we just read! When the author of The Mechanical Bride wrote this article, this was his intention. He wanted to make it confusing for us to read so that we really have to think and dig deep to find the main idea. The authors intentions worked for me! I was extremely confused, and even after reading the article three or four times, I was still a little bit confused. For the people who read this article for pleasure, they might have understood it better, but I won’t lie, I don’t read anything for pleasure. That might have made it a bit more difficult for me to comprehend.

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