Seeing Ourselves Through Technology: Chapter 1 Reflection

For me, this article was a little hard to comprehend. I felt that some of the details that the author used were unnecessary, and made it harder to understand. The details the author used did make the article more interesting though. I really liked that he had information from previous decades, as well as information from today. When the author began describing information about present day, I started to understand it better and become more interested.

One thing that really stood out to me in this article was on page 13, when they started talking about lurkers.Β Markham wrote: ‘through conversations, self and reality are co-created and sustained.’ We ‘write self into being,’ but to ‘recognize our own existence in a meaningful way, we must be responded to.’ I think this is something that really pertains to todays world. Many people are not satisfied with their number of followers on Instagram, or the amount of replies the receive on Twitter. This makes some people feel meaningless. Although this may seem like a silly concept, it is something that goes on in todays society.

Overall, I found this article very interesting, although it was hard to comprehend at times. There was a lot of information with a lot of facts behind each topic.

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