Seeing Ourselves Through Technology: Chapter 3 Notes


This entire chapter was about selfies. Most of it was about the history of selfies, how they have evolved, the ways they have been taken, the ways they have been displayed. One really good example of how selfies were displayed was Szucs display of selfies. She had been taking selfies since 1996, and had continued taking these selfies for 15 years with a polaroid camera. She took one selfies every single day, no matter what. Sometimes there was a scribble of something or a description of the photo in the white space at the bottom of a polaroid film. Some of her photos were silly, some were blurry, some were just very ordinary photos of her having drinks with friends or going on a walk in the park. Her art was displayed in the Elmhurst Art Gallery. Her photos make people think of Instagram, and the millions of selfies are posted everyday in social media. Today, many people are sharing their photographs on social media versus in an art gallery. As more and more ways different types of media become available, more and more ways to share your selfies has also become available. Other way of sharing selfies that was talked about in the article was in time-lapse video. These are videos of a collection of photos that have been taken over time. Something very similar to time-lapse videos is a photo booth. These booths take a series of pictures within a matter of seconds. Since the time is so limited, many times people natural reactions are captured. I think the idea of a photo booth may have been in mind when time-lapse videos were created.

Main Idea & Key Terms

I think that the main idea of Chapter 3 was to discuss the different ways people took selfies many years ago and how they expressed themselves with their selfies. The author also discussed the differences between the selfies that were taken 50+ years ago, to the selfies that are taken today.

Polaroid Camera: Small film camera that takes, develops, and prints photos in just seconds.

Hyper-textual: A link that contains information texts with related information.

Time-Lapse Photos: A video that is put together with a large amount of pictures to show a change overtime.

Photo Booth: A “vending machine” that takes a couple pictures in a matter of seconds to produce a film of photos.

Gallery Room: An area of a building that is used to display art. Usually long and narrow.

Profile Pictures: An image on a social media account that represents the account holder.


One thing that really stood out to me in this article was the difference between the two time-lapse videos that were created. Ahree Lee uploaded a video of herself to YouTube, titledย Me. It was a time-lapse video of photos she had taken on herself for the last three years. A few days later, Noah Kalina uploaded a similar video to YouTube, titledย Everyday. He had also been taking pictures of himself everyday, but he had been taking photos for nearly six years. He thought of making the video after he has seen Lee’s video. For whatever reason, Kalina’s video became a lot more popular that Lee’s video. Kalina also has a wikipedia page, Lee does not. I see a problem with this because, even through they are very similar videos, the males video received a lot more praise than the females video. I think that gender and race may have a lot to do with this situation. Personally, I think that is ridiculous. Lee is an Asian women, and a lot of the comments on her video were very racist and sexist. While there were still nasty comments on Kalina’s video as well, it seems that Lee’s video received a lot more of the nasty comments. I think in this day and age, we can all agree that many people get way too out of hand with their comments. Many try to be funny but instead insult someone. I think that it is also time that people grow up, and instead of bashing others, they appreciate the beautiful art they have created.

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