Selfie Post

When you think of a filter, do you think of the filter you use on your instagram photos or the super fun snapchat filters? Do you think about the millions of different ways to filter a photo? Maybe you think about the filter in your coffee pot or your furnace, but do you think about the ways you can physically filter yourself? Not only do we use filters on our social media accounts, but we use filters on ourselves everyday. These filters can be captured through photos, and when we capture the photo, we can use even more filters. Some examples of filters we physically put on ourselves is makeup, hair styles, clothing, attitude, facial expressions, emotions towards others, and even the way we communicate with others.

Throughout Chapters 1, 2, and 3 of Seeing Ourselves Through Technology, the author talked about many different types of ways to filter photos and ourselves. She talked about cultural filters and technological filters, genres as filters and different types of photos we take, such as time-lapse photos, and profile pictures. I wanted to show some examples of the way I have used filters. Throughout my life, I have constantly been taking pictures. I haven’t taken one of myself everyday, nor have I been able to keep all of the photos, but I have been able to keep most. Most of these photos are from 2014-currently, but there is one photo from 2005. I included this to show how much of a physical filter I have put on myself as I have grown up.

Throughout these photos, you can see that my hair color and length has changed, my smile has changed, the makeup I wear has changed, my wardrobe is different, and some of the people in the photos have also changed. Some of these photos have filters and some do not. None of the pictures have the same filter. (Pictures start in the first column and go down).

In this article, Rettberg talked about a woman named Suzanne Szucs. Over the course of 15 years, she took a photo everyday, no matter what. Her photos were displayed in an art gallery for anyone to look at. Relating this to my photos, I haven’t taken photos every day for the last 15 years, but I have been taking photos. Over the course of Szucs photos, you can notice a change in her life or when things were not going so well for her that day. In my photos, you cannot see the changes in my life or the days I wasn’t doing the best, but you can see a lot of physical changes I have made.

Overall, I don’t think the changes that I have made to myself have made me any less of the person that I am, but I do think I am going to try something different. Filters don’t define who you are, but they do hide who you might be. They can hide your true eye color or the nasty pimple you have on your forehead, but who cares about those things? People want to see you for who you are, no matter how hard it may be for yourself. I am going to take my photos using no filter from now on, in hopes that there are others that will follow behind me!


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